Our Vision
  • The only choice in quality cleaning service in Malaysia.
Our Mision
  • To provide cleaning and maintenance service of quality and consistent to all clients, at all locations, at all time.
Our Service Policy
The management and staff of Q-Services Sdn Bhd are determined to continuously improve on our service quality by ensuring,
  • CLEANLINESS of buildings and projects entrusted to the Company
  • PRESERVARANCE of surfaces and items cleaned
  • SAFETY and COMFORT of building owners, staffs, visitors and the general public through...
    - Planned and implemented work schedules.
    - Choice and use of quality and safe chemicals, equipments
    and machineries.
    - Trained, skilled and discipline operatives.
    Efficient and effective supervisors who are sensitive to dirt
    and customerís need.
    Efficient management who are committed to service quality.
    Continuous effort in improving service quality.

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